Vehicle Inspection Equipment and System



Side Slip Tester

Align the camber, castor, and toe out of the axle and both wheels. It measures the amount of side slip of car wheel when driving. QROTECh Side Slip Tester QROTECH Side Slip Tester Specification


Brake Tester

Tester to judge whether there is a fault by measuring the left / right braking force and the parking braking force of the axle. QROTECH Brake Tester QROTECH Brake Tester Specification


Speedometer Tester

Tester to judge whether there is a fault by measuring the left / right braking force. QROTECH Speedometer QROTECH Speedometer Specification


Suspension Tester

This suspension tester is designed to test the performance of suspension when the shock absorber is not separated from motor vehicle. QROTECH Suspension Tester QROTECH Suspension Tester Specification


Axle Play Detector

This device, designed quick inspection by moving the panel by the force of the hydraulic pressure, and enable visual inspection of steering device, the axle wear, the pivot, the bearing and various fixtures to determine the components of the steering and suspension. QROTECH Axle Play Detector QROTECH Axle Play Detector Specification


Motorcycle Tester

This equipment tests the speedometer and braking force of the front and rear wheels for the safety of the motorcycle riders. QROTECH Motorcycle Tester QROTECH Motorcycle Tester Specification


Headlight Tester

"Measure by image processing with CCD camera. Measure the light intensity and optical axis of the headlamp at a distance of 1m. Measure the headlights of all vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles.
Dual mode: Inspection and adjustment
Inspection items: Upper beam, Lower beam (optional)
Lamp Type: Filament, Xenon and LED
Language: Multilingual" QROTECH Headligt Tester QROTECH Headligt Tester Specification


Exhaust Gas Analyzer

This analyzer is a equipment to measure the gas emission density of an automobile enabling to diagnose the automobile status and its preventive maintenance so that it can provide a function to prevent the air pollution in advance.
QRO-402 is compatible with international standard OIML class O. QROTECH Exhaust Gas Analyzer QROTECH Exhaust Gas Analyzer Specification


Opacity Smoke Meter

This opacity meter measures a diesel smoke density of automobile burning diesel as fuel to diagnose the condition and provide preventive maintenance in order to avoid air pollution. QROTECH Opacity Smoke Meter QROTECH Opacity Smoke Meter Specification QROTECH Opacity Smoke Meter Smoke Extraction System QROTECH Opacity Smoke Meter Smoke Extraction System


Sound Level Meter (Sonometer)

Measuring sound level during acceleration of engine. QROTECH Sound Meter QROTECH Sound Meter Specification


Other Essentials

The following are non-QROTEC essential MVIS accessories

Bar Code Scanner - Barcode Reader - Barcode Reader

HD Camera - HD Camera - HD Camera

IP Camera - IP Camera - IP Camera